90ml Rooting Gel Rooting Hormone

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Rooting gel for high success rate and healthy root development when taking cuttings

Use rooting gel (clone gel / rooting hormone gel) for a higher success rate when taking cuttings. Use a sharp, clean dedicated scissors. Taking cuttings/clones Cut stem at a 45 degrees Celsius angle, below the 3rd node from the shoot tip (preferably using a surgical blade) Immediately place the cutting in water Remove lowest leaves/shoots Dip the cutting tip into rooting gel or powder Stick the cutting into the starter pellet, glue plug or substrate of choice Cut leaf tips with scissors Keep in an air tight and humid environment for 5 - 14 days Gel ingredients: 3 grams Indole-butyric Acid 1 gram Naphthalene Acetic Acid 1 gram Vitamin B