Atami Hydro Rokz Clay Pebble Substrate (LECA)

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Made in Holland!

Hydro Rokz (hydroponic leca rocks) are made of pure and salt-free baked clay. They contain a very low concentration of elements and this makes them ideal as a substrate for hydroculture. The quality of the clay pebbles is largely determined by the pH value. The clay pebbles are 8-16mm in size and are also known as Leca (light expanded clay aggregate).

Clay pebbles are used for various growing methods. Sometimes they are placed at the bottom of the flowerpot when growing on a soil substrate like soil. The Hydro Rokz are also used as an additional drainage.

Hydro Rokz can be mixed with the substrate to make the growing medium airier, so the roots can also branch off better. Another method that is widely used, is growing the plants directly on Hydro Rokz. This is often done in combination with an oxygen pump. This way the roots at the bottom of the pot are constantly immersed in water with liquid fertilisers mixed in, and the oxygen pump provides enough oxygen for the roots.

Growing hydroponically with Hydro Rokz is very successful, because the clay pebbles and the flowing water nutrient solution are a golden duo when it comes to a lavish supply of oxygen. The plants both get oxygen from the top and from below. The flowing water contains many times more oxygen than ordinary still water.

• Easy to use
• Airy structure
• Strong, healthy roots
• Prevent over-watering
• Rinse and re-use
• RHP Certified

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