Biodyne Environoc 401

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Microbial plant biostimulant.

Environoc 401 provides growers an opportunity to reintroduce the best in live and naturally occurring beneficial microbes back into the soil, to create an abundance of biological activity. Microbes are naturally occurring and isolated for their unique capabilities. Biodyne isolates and produces its own microorganisms and guarantees microbial strains are not genetically modified. This products meets the requirements of local, state, federal and international health & transportation agencies.

The presence of a large and diverse colony of naturally occurring beneficial microbes can lead to a rhizosphere that is more robust, more productive and can lead to better overall plant health and vigour. Deploy Environoc 401 and unleash the power of microbes to reclaim your efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Microbes are super important on startup with seed or clone. The microbes on startup will provide biology back boost for germination, rooting and Biocontrol (protection).

Use as soil drench and foliar spray. Soak your seeds and cuttings before planting, soak your grow media in 401 before potting. This will allow the microbes to populate the media. Use only 0.5ml per 1L in your hydroponic water reservoir.

Can be used with any nutrient feed. The microbes will ensure your nutrients are converted into plant available format and further assist in preventing nutrient lockout.

The more beneficial microbes the less opportunity for pathogens.