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Bionova Coco Forte A+B 1 Litre of Each

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Coco Forte A+B is the most cost-effective and simplest solution for cultivation on every cocofibre substrate. Due to the short buffering in the coco substrates, this extremely concentrated Coco Forte A+B combination is especially formulated for the most effective absorption of the necessary elements. This combination contains all the food grade minerals and trace elements for a rapid growth and abundant flowering. Plants directly absorb all food grade minerals which gives you optimal control of your plants. Coco Forte A must be used in combination with Coco Forte B


Cultivation Methods

Outdoor   Indoor    Vegetative    Flowering   Irrigation   Spray  Hydro/Aero


A: Calcium nitrate solution 8 (11)
NPK 8-0-0 + 11,5% CaO + 3% MgO

8% Total Nitrogen (N) of which: 8% Nitric Nitrogen (N)11.5% Calcium oxide (CaO), water soluble 3% Magnesium oxide (MgO), water soluble.
B: Solution of PK fertilisers 0-6-12
6.5% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), water soluble
12% Potassium oxide (K2O), 
water soluble
4% Sulphur trioxide (SO3), water soluble

Shake well and add 9-18 ml per 10 litres every time you prepare your nutrients solution. Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated until 1 week before harvest.