Peat Substrate With Perlite 20L Pre-Fertilised 0-10mm Fine Peat Potting Mix

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Imported from Europe.

For the rooting of young plants from cuttings. Lightly fertilised with the perfect balance of nutrients for young plants and cuttings.

Super fluffy, lightweight structure: Fine (0-10mm)

90% fine white peat with 10% Perlite

Chemical Properties
pH-value (CaCl2, v/v 1:2.5): 5.7
Fertilisation (g/l): 0.5
+ extra trace element fertiliser

Nitrogen (mg N/l): 70
Phosphorus (mg P2O5/l): 80
Potassium (mg K2O/l): 90
Magnesium (mg Mg/l): 100
+ all necessary trace elements
iron chelate

Application: Pots (4-8 cm)
Crop: Unrooted cuttings, bedding plants