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DynaRoot 250ml Rooting Gel with 60 Jiffy Propagation Glue Plugs

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Rooting Hormone Gel with propagation plugs for successful plant propagation

Rooting hormone gel is an effective way to make your plant cloning most efficient and Jiffy Glue Plugs are a must have for easy, successful propagation.

Both DynaRoot and Jiffy are brands known around the world. The certification behind these brands stands for quality assurance. Use only the best products in your garden for the best results.

A must have for every propagation station! DynaRoot is one of the most reputable manufacturers of rooting hormone for plant propagation and Jiffy Glue Plugs are equally popular amongst garden enthusiasts around the world. Jiffy Glue Plugs are made from a treated peat substrate and are shipped, from Holland, ready to use.

Jiffy Glue Plugs are easy to use and will greatly improve your success rate when taking cuttings and also starting seeds. Made from RHP certified peat with no netting, Jiffy Glue Plugs provide a world class substrate that is pre-treated, easy to handle and has great rooting capability. Perfect for taking cuttings and planting seeds. RHP certified for horticulture.

Dynaroot is a growth hormone gel, used to stimulate the fast & prolific rooting of plant cuttings.

Active ingredient in the rooting gel: Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA)
Jiffy Glue Plug size: 25 x 50mm

Proven excellent results over summer and winter. Perfect for Chrysanthemum, Laurel, Ficus, Cannabis, Bougainvillea as well as Carnations and bedding plant cuttings

DynaRoot showed greater results compared to the top European product, during independent trials in the Netherlands.