Efekto Bio Kill Classic Long Lasting Insecticide 375ml

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A universal household product ready to use emulsion for the control of household insects.


  • Lowest possible toxicity vs. best possible efficacy
  • Broad application spectrum
  • Unique formulation (does not stain, no odour)
  • Biodegradable, environmentally sound
  • Economic in use as it is long lasting
  • Easy use and apply

Size: 375ml

How does it work? Bio Kill® Classic penetrates the nerve membranes of cold blooded insects, causes nerves to paralyze and consequently the insects die. Humans and warm-blooded creatures have a different metabolism allowing the body to degrade the product without affecting the organism.
Anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on species, temperature etc. It is recommended to spray Bio Kill® Classic at intervals of 3-4 weeks into neuralgic places in order to avoid the appearance of insect altogether. Insects die for sure but often hide before dying.

Where can it be used? Indoor pest control


  • Toxic to fish and bees
  • Store away from feed and feeds
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed person and pets

  • Active Ingredient: 

    • Permethrin (Pyrethroid) 2.5 g/l


    • Do not inhale spray mist excessively and avoid skin contact
    • Do not eat, drink or smoke when applying
    • Wash with soap and water after use
    • Do not spray onto surfaces which can be damaged or stained by water
    • Prevent contamination of food and feeds, drinking water and eating utensils and unto surfaces where food can come into direct contact with treated surfaces
    • Cover Aquaria
    • Do not apply to ornamentals and flowers while bees are active
    • Do not use empty container for any other purpose
    Indoors Ants, bedbugs, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, ticks, fish moths, fleas, flies,


    Gnats, mosquitoes, moths, spiders and weevils

    Spray Bio Kill® on floors, walls and window frames or directly into joints, fixtures, cracks, crevices and particularly on places where insects breed and dwell.


    CARPET BEETLE: Spray both sides of carpet.

    Efekto Bio Kill® has a long lasting effect therefore repeat application when necessary