Golden Grow Easy Planter Pop-Up Grow Bag

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Golden Grow Easy Planter is a coir bag which to plant directly, so you don’t need a container. Extremely simple to use!

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The Easyplanter is a compressed coir fiber bag that is supplied ina a ready-to-use format. The producer can place it where it will be used and hydrate the coco peat. It is made for plant one plant in each.

Coco peat is an essential component for the soilless production due to its characteristics and benefits. It can be used as an important raw material in substrate mixes or as an ideal hydroponic growing medium for a largest range of productions.

More and more, producers around the world trust in the properties of coco peat and in its benefits applied to their crops. In fact, the coco peat confers excellent characteristics for the root development and the media rehydration.

  • Increase the production density through the efficient use of water and fertilizers
  • Save labour costs thanks to their easy installation
  • Prevent the propagation of diseases and pests
  • Control the parameters of the production
  • Save in logistics costs due to compressed format