PolyBag 20L Grow Bag Fabric Pot

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Say goodbye to faded brittle plastic pots and hello to eco-friendly sustainable gardening.

Locally handcrafted Lichen Grow Bags offer you the ability to provide your plants with the best care possible. Whether you’re a commercial, experienced or home grower, your plants require superior growing media with good drainage and internal aeration as well as good water holding capacity. 

Grow bags are becoming the preferred method for many outdoor, greenhouse and indoor grower. Grow bags help aerate the root zone and regulate temperature and help prevent overwatering. 

Fabric grow bags are more durable than plastic bags and much more breathable than plastic containers or bags. This is an especially important consideration as many new growers underestimate the importance of getting air – specifically, oxygen – to the root zone. While the green parts of the plants (above ground) breath in CO2, roots actually breath O2, which is integral to their growth and development. It is for this primary advantage that many commercial growers chose fabric grow bags, as the size of the root structure is directly proportional to the yield of the plant.

Designed for use indoors and outdoors. These are strong woven polypropylene material grow bags are designed for years of use.
  • Durable with reinforced seams and stitched corners
  • Polypropylene fabric allows plant roots to breathe and ensures good drainage with less temperature variations at root level
  • Fabric bags allow air to penetrate the sides of the container and reduce maximum root zone temperatures through evaporative cooling and reduced absorption of solar radiation
  • Produce and better yield
  • Environmentally friendly and reusable 
  • 7-8 year lifespan
  • Special industrial sewing thread with excellent UV and weather protection
  • Breathable fabric to maximise air to your roots
  • The design of the bag prevents overwatering
  • Suitable for Ebb and Flow hydro systems

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 20cm

Custom sizes available on request.