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PLANT!T Round DirtPot Fabric Pot Grow Bag with Handles

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Experience the value and versatility of the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, perfect for all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous, breathable fabric, it allows your plants to thrive with superior root health and vigorous growth. The soft-sided construction conforms to your terrain and features reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric so your heaviest crop won't tear the pot. Plus, the PLANT!T Dirt Pot manages plant temperatures, keeps roots from circling, and provides superior drainage and aeration with air pruning for your plants' roots. Now with handles for easy lifting and moving!

• Porous breathable fabric
• Soft-sided construction
• Reinforced seams
• Manages plant temperature
• Prevents root circling
• Superior drainage and aeration
• Air prunes your plants' roots
• Comes with handles to make lifting and moving plants easier