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Restore Natural Fertiliser

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Unique Formula

Its unique formula of carbon (biochar), and free-range chicken litter optimizes the soil’s biology to minimize input costs while maximising output. ReStore offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher soil health and vitality.

Carbon (biochar)

The alien invasive wood is chipped into useable biomass, which is processed into biochar in a controlled process called pyrolysis. Although it looks a lot like common charcoal, biochar is produced using a specific process to reduce contamination and safely store carbon.

Chicken litter

A good soil amendment, free-range chicken litter is naturally rich in nutrients needed by plants to establish strong root systems and produce foliage and fruit. It also contains the bacteria used in the poultry’s digestive process, which works to break down organic matter and helps to increase the water holding capacity even more.

The biochar is then mixed with the free-range chicken litter and pelletised for ease of use.