Seedling Heat Mat 25x50cm Propagation Heating Mat

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Get a headstart on the growing season. Propagate plants indoors even in the coldest seasons. A heating mat ensures successful germination and better plant growth.

Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature. Maintains the sweet-spot temperature.

Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings.
Waterproof Durable
Easy to clean

Size: 25cm x 50cm

1. Locate a flat dry surface of suitable size for your heating mat. Avoid cold surfaces as they will counteract the heating capability of the heat mat.

2. Plug the heat mat's electrical cable in to the 220-volt outlet.

3. Place a propagation tray or other plant container on the heating mat. For best results, cover seedlings/cuttings with a humidity dome.