Sera pH Test Kit Water pH Monitoring Kit

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Easily test water pH in order to determine the correct pH.

If the pH reading is too low, add pH plus/up. If the pH reading is too high, add pH minus/down.

Maintaining the correct pH level will improve water clarity and help to maintain bacterial activity, also reducing stress on fish and other aquatic animals, helping them tolerate disease. Maintaining an ideal pH can also dramatically improve growth, behavior, and overall appearance.

Simply add droplets of the pH test liquid to a water sample and read pH according to water colour.

Makes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measurements

In case of too low pH values we recommend sera KH/pH-plus (in freshwater aquariums) or sera pond bio balance (in ponds), in case of too high values in freshwater aquariums we recommend sera pH/KH-minus or filtering through sera super peat.