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Startup Bundle of House Blend 20L Premium Soilless Mix, Biobizz Try-Pack Fertilisers (3x250ml), Twist Ties Plant Wire and Plant Support Trellis Net

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Start your grow with quality products! Our House Blend "Premium Soilless Mix" potting soil has been getting great reviews on online marketplace platforms and is fast becoming recognised as one of the preferred choices for cannabis growers.

This bundle includes a 20 Litre bag of our soilless mix, along with a Biobizz Try-Pack liquid fertilisers (Grow, Bloom and Top Max). An organic range of plant nutrients specifically suited for cannabis plants (although it works perfectly on just about any plants). With this pack, you can't go wrong. You can expect big, juicy buds, and that's why we've included a 4,5 meter trellis net plant support and 50 meters of Twist Tie garden wire.

Get a good start, expect a good finish.

  • House Blend Potting Mix: 20 Litres
  • Biobizz Try-Pack Fertilisers: 3 x 250ml
  • Trellis Net Plant Support: 1,5 x 4,5 meters (15cm square spacings)
  • Twist Tie garden wire: 50 meters